Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Between My Headphones: Field Trippin' Soundtrack

My playlist today while I was enjoying the Market:
Beggin': Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons (Pilooski Edit)
Crap Kraft Dinner: Hot Chip
Naked As We Came: Iron and Wine
We All Fall In Love Sometimes: Jeff Buckley
Someone To Love: Kate Earl
I Cry: Lamb
Don't Speak: Leela James
The Beggar: Mos Def
Indulge Me: Olive
Everything In Its Right Place: Osunlade And Erro
This Mess We're In (ft Radiohead): PJ Harvey
Wish You Were Here: Radiohead
Tsunami: Res
No Surprises: Shawn Lee
Sign Your Name: Terence Trent D'Arby
Chocolate Jesus: Tom Waits
Overcome: Tricky
Creep (live Radiohead Cover): U2
Worth Repeating: Beggin' Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons (Pilooski Edit), my goodness I listened to this one day for 3 straight hours... it was like a descent into madness... SO MUCH FUN! I didn't repeat it that much today but a couple of times

TERRIBLE: Manouschka The Plant Killer Guerrier

YUP that's what I should change my middle name to... it's RIDICULOUS! I'm a murderer? I have absolutely NO green thumb & I should go to jail! I KNOW this about myself yet I still convinced myself when I found these beautiful floral plants at the 99 Cent Store "If they die, at least they're 99 cents" isn't that just TERRIBLE!!!! 

I'm a Monster I KNEW they were going to die but I bought them anyway because they were cheap... unbelievable. It was a stunning Spring-like day when I got these last month, Spring in February, that's like drugs so that's my excuse... yeah that's it. 

Speaking about TERRIBLE & the 99 Cent Store it's terrible that I can't go in there without full make up on because my ex goes to the gym next door... must be my punishment for being a plant killer, well that AND the fact he's face is about to be splattered on buses & billboards all over town in a month.... UGHHHHHHHH shoot me instead please!

Cooked: Potato Au Gratin Chicken & S-MAC-K N Cheese Cupcakes

As promised 411 on my dinner last night. AT EDB's I remembered this really funny story about this cute kid I met at a Talent & Modeling competition in NYC when I was like 14. There was a commercial competition & he had Arnold Drummond cheeks, spiky Blonde hair & a THICK Tennessee accent... smack your Mama cute, this kid was. 

His commercial was for Shake N Bake & Boy do I wish Blogger had an audio option you HAVE to hear how this kid said it! You'll pee yourself for sure. Anywho, I got to thinking when was the last time I had Shake N Bake? 

I've heard about people using potato chips or instant potato flakes to bake crispy chicken. Being a resourceful chick-a-dee I whipped out my trusty food processor & grinded down some instant Potatoes Au Gratin a guest left at my house. I mixed a couple of my FAVORITE chips, Thin & Cripy Habanero Chips. OH MY GRAVY so good! I stumbled upon them at the 99 Cent Store (the one thing I can thank George Bush & this funky economy for right about now). 

I brined some chicken legs I bought at Trader Joe's for $2 & popped in, Ch mac n cheese cupcakes I had in the freezer. Now this is NOT your Mama's mac n cheese these are my S-MAC-K N Cheese!

I've got kielbasa sausage, red & green peppers, 8 different cheeses, spicy seasoning & parmesan crust on top.... better than making out, I tell you! Now since it was my first time experimenting with this I can't tell you enough of how AMAZING it was AND they were BAKED so none of the guilt or the extra 30 minutes on the treadmill.. no Sir ree Bob. I'm a crunch girl, the fact the Gratin potatoes were already super crunchy added such a contrast in texture between the crispy coating & the extremely juicy chicken. This is DEFINITELY a keeper & just goes to show you that life's greatest adventures are in the kitchen. Don't be afraid to try ANYTHING new.

The Star-Studded Cast

Breading Station

Finger lickin' good FOR REAL!

Field Trippin': Koreatown

Tomorrow night I have a hot date with one of my FAVORITE Dan's (yes I have more than one... sue me). I promised to make him Paella. If there is anything I've learned from my last field trip to an Asian Market is they have the BEST seafood, what I love about K-Town though is all the Latinos that live in the area so I can find mad spices I usually have my Mom ship me from Miami... Babygirl even sends me dried Salt Cod so I can make my infamous Bolinho de Bacalao (Cod balls) I love my Mother. She's slamming in the kitchen & her way of shopping & seasoning the meat as soon as she gets home & freezing it is where Single Serving got it's motto.

The market was AMAZING! I highly suggest if you have an Asian, Latin, Persian, Kosher, Armenian, Russian & a European market near you, just grab your ipod & stroll along EVERY aisle. Feel, smell, taste as much as possible & be amazed at how incredibly helpful people are about telling you about their food & culture. I ask SO many questions it's probably the most interaction outside of work I actually have with another human being Single Serving has taken SO much of my time. For a little over $20 I bought Clams, Mussels, Tiger Shrimp, Head On Shrimp & spices... I can't BELIEVE how I scored! I bought some chorizo at the 99 Cent store & use the rest of the marinated chicken from last night's dinner to add to my Paellissima Paella. Enjoy the pics... I had such a BLAST!

You know that God LOVES us, why? Because we have RIBS!!! Heck apparently Woman were created from one & he loves us the most.... HA!

I found a single black bean in a barrel full of black rice, I found it poetic

AH.. Masa... SO going to make Arepas soon!

Ok so I just died & gone to Goya Heaven. When I first moved here I would have my Mom ship most of this stuff out to me from Miami... who knew it was in K-Town the ENTIRE time!

LIVE Halibut... GET OUT! I feel a Yo Mama joke coming on here... "your Mama was so ghetto she took you fishing at the Halibut tank in K-Town!" *snort* NAH... needs more work

Looks like these guys didn't make it, Halibut on the rocks!

OK this is where the fun stopped! CHICKEN FEET... oh my goodness, TOTALLY reminds me of my trip to Haiti & my Mom was mopping these up like they were shrimp... terrible!

OK... seriously they have Chicharron in a Korean Market?!?!?! DAMN YOU HOLLYWOOD & your unrealistic body expectations. I will see you puppies soon... AFTER Pilot Season!

Fresh Seaweed... a VAT of fresh seaweed, I can swim in this!

A VAT of Kimchee, my girl Andrea can swim in this naked (nice Kenny)

I SCORED... just realized they didn't charge me for the Mussels & the Tiger Shrimp... ROCK ON!

Brain Food/Ab Work: "No Mo Sugar & Rice!" HA!

This one goes out to my bible beating family! Thanks for the prayers Tante Michele. Just brilliant!