Thursday, April 2, 2009

Between My Headphones: Une Americaine a... Petite Tokyo?!?!

I met Rena & EDB in Little Tokyo for lunch & a bit of shopping. I stayed after they left & hit my favorite Market. Just my itunes on my iphone & I... oh & of course the FABULOUS Rupa & The April Fishes. She was born in San Francisco & is a first generation American of Indian (dot not feather) descent. 

She grew up in both San Fran & the South of France (can you feel my insane jealousy?) She became a Dr like a good first gen girl, but her love for music kicked her love for medicine's butt! She sings in English, French, Spanish & Hindi... brilliant! 

I listened to the whole album while I shopped & danced my way down aisle by aisle the entire time, can't imagine what the employees thought of me, but I did notice there were a lot of hand over mouth covered giggles every time I looked.

Worth Repeating "Une Americaine a Paris" from her debut album Extraordinary Rendition 


Look at all the stuff I got

Salmon scraps from the filet cuts for .76, granted it's got bones but it's .76 CENTS!I always wondered what fish mongers & butchers did with these & SO happy I can buy it. Sushi grade salmon for .76 CENTS!!!!

Brain Food/Ab Work: What's Shakin' Bacon?

FOr those that truly believe bacon makes EVERY THING better!

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