Wednesday, March 25, 2009

TERRIBLE: Manouschka The Plant Killer Guerrier

YUP that's what I should change my middle name to... it's RIDICULOUS! I'm a murderer? I have absolutely NO green thumb & I should go to jail! I KNOW this about myself yet I still convinced myself when I found these beautiful floral plants at the 99 Cent Store "If they die, at least they're 99 cents" isn't that just TERRIBLE!!!! 

I'm a Monster I KNEW they were going to die but I bought them anyway because they were cheap... unbelievable. It was a stunning Spring-like day when I got these last month, Spring in February, that's like drugs so that's my excuse... yeah that's it. 

Speaking about TERRIBLE & the 99 Cent Store it's terrible that I can't go in there without full make up on because my ex goes to the gym next door... must be my punishment for being a plant killer, well that AND the fact he's face is about to be splattered on buses & billboards all over town in a month.... UGHHHHHHHH shoot me instead please!

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