Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Brekkie: Guava & Cheese French Toast

Maine has Lobster, New England has Clam Chowder, Philly has it's Cheesteak & Miami's most famous & beloved dish is Guayaba con Queso Pastelitos (Guava & Cream Cheese pastries). Craving my favorite treat & realizing I have 6 eggs left & tomorrow's the expiration date I should pass on my morning oatmeal routine & make something special. I came up with these years ago when I moved to LA before I found out about Porto's bakery in Glendale, this is the first time I've had it on a day other than a Sunday... must tack on an extra 20 minutes on the treadmill, but they are SO worth it! 'NYO!

The Star Studded Cast

Guava... Cheese, pretty self explanatory



Bake in the oven to melt Guava paste

Cooked: Island Beef Pad Thai

I LOVE Thai!!! That's ALL I want to say, made it last night to finish off my Take out TAKE DOWN using the beef I had left over from my cheesesteak, made it my way with the ingredients I had off hand... NEVER need to order Thai delivery again! I'm a VERY happy girl about that. I made it SUPER spicy & had a ice cold beer to cool myself down. SO happy, happy HAPPY!!! Sriracha is true love 

The Star Studded Cast

So here's the Island part. I didn't have tamarind paste so like the true Haitian that I am I mixed Worstershire & Pineapple Vinegar with the sugar & the rest of the ingredients... MY GOODNESS!!!The Pineapple Vinegar really made the whole dish pop! I'll probably catch flack of it not being a true Pad Thai... most likely by a Thai person or someone that's been to Thailand & thinks they're an expert but then they can always order it from me & I'll charge $10 + tax + tip... thhhhhhhhhhppppppppppppppffffffffffffffffff!


Like true takeout... leftovers!!! ♥ ♥ ♥

Brain Food/Ab Work: Look At Me I'm Sandra Dee

Here is my favorite scene from one of my favorite movies of all time "If A Man Answers". The quick & very witty banter between these two is written so well. I wish I were able to remake this. Sandra is just so charming & when he asks her to have pleasant thoughts, concentrate on something really beautiful, the most wonderful thing in the world... oh it's just to die for, so cute! I  that kitchen!*swoon* I wish my Haitian Mother had all of that French advice... fab!

Bobby Darin: And you... ah... say you can cook too?
Sandra Dee: Try me sometime
Bobby Darin: I'd love to