Thursday, June 4, 2009

Cooked: Beef Ribs, Potato Salad & Garlic Sweet Corn

My neighbor Matt is the closest to a husband I will ever have he lifts things for me, helps me around the house watches my dog, even cooks for me fantabulous husband material & I swear the closest I will ever have to one, well his sister Keisha is too, that's another story NO ON PROP H8!!!

Anywho, we went to court this morning to fight a greedy developer that wants to build a craptastic 8 story complex on our teeny tiny lovely street.. we lost! Greed wins again, we were famished & broke so it was time for me to defrost something. We settled on having the beef ribs I bought in Little Tokyo a couple weeks back & corn, he offered to make the potato salad...

WOW it was ROCKIN'. It was raining outside so this was a perfect way to spend our day. So here are the pics of our meal & some pics from the Prop 8 march his sister & I went on after the court ruled for it... gosh what kind of world do we live in?

Between the greedy developers & the ignorant voters that voted against Gay marriage I have little faith in our justice system, furthermore I am even more disgusted & embarrassed at how much the Black vote influenced this decision.

How could one oppressed minority group stifle another? And don't get me started on how many Football playing looking brothers I see at the Abbey on a Sunday with their band tans or wedding bands ON cruising for some down low tail... TERRIBLE! Ok now off of my soapbox & on to the pics. Enjoy!

My Keish, my dog Divi's "other Mommy"

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Even Jesus showed up & says NO ON H8!

Keisha stating the obvious
Kathy Griffin's Mom

Yes I know it's him again... nuh duh it's the second coming!