Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Let Me Cater To You: 1 vs 100 Housewarming & My Brother's Rehearsal Dinner

Man I am SO lazy. I have SO avoided writing this blog about the housewarming & rehearsal dinner I catered back in August. Hell a picture is worth a thousand words right? I'll let the pics speak for itself & lay off on my infamous long winded commentaries. The night before I left to Atlanta for my brother's wedding I catered a party for two of my friends from my old softball crew Lance & Martha... 100 people showed up it was NUTS! I planned & prepped the whole menu myself & the morning of the party Mimi surprised & said that she wanted to come & help... I LOVE this woman!!!! She was so killer in that kitchen. She is such a wonderful addition to my life & has the best intentions & plans for the growth of Single Serving. Check out these bad boys we concocted:

I made the Irish Car Bomb Cupcakes because we drank a lot of car bombs when we played softball & this was thee first thing Lance requested
Star Studded Cast: eggplant for the eggplant crostinisBalsamic vinegar & sugar for the balsamic simple syrup for the watermelon, tomato & basil skewers

Getting ready to mash the eggplant

Baked & ready to spread on top of a crostini
Star Studded Cast: Smac-K-N-Cheese
I add kielbasa sausage to mine
as well as red, yellow & green peppers
Laying the 6 cheeses
Hot sauce makes the heart grow fonder

Pork shoulder for the Griot
I haven't seen bitter orange or mojo this big since Miami I was so STOKED this is what I used to marinate the griot
Marinated griot (Haitian pork chunks)
Star Studded Cast: bread, chimichurri & parmesan for crostini

Finished Griot with Piklis (Haitian pickled hot salad with habaneros)... the BOMB no self respecting Haitian lives without this!
Mimster building the Watermelon, tomato & basil skewers
Empanadas with chimichurri

Mmmmmmmmmmm PIKLIS!!!!
Arroz Primavera (Veggie Yellow Rice)
Pretty darlings
Bacon Wrapped Nanners... the easiest & BEST appetizer in the WORLD!

Prosciutto, Arugula, Mushroom, Red Onion & Black Olives Herbed Crust Pizza with Truffle Oil
Mimi laying out the truffle oil
My rock... STAR
Mini Phillies

Someone walked into the sliding door & did THIS! You just can't let EVERYONE in your home... HA!
Entertainment. I love this kid

Lance & Martha

My brother married a Mexican girl & the entire process of their wedding was being filmed by MTV 3 called "Quiero Mi Boda" it's a reality show focusing on cross cultural marriages. I wanted to marry the cultures with the menu also by mixing both Haitian & Mexican influences. It was a MAD house so unfortunately I don't have a lot of pictures of the food. It was a 3 hour sit down dinner because we had to stick to the show's "schedule". Guests arrived 2 hours late. I literally had an hour to finish 5 courses. The experience still makes me sick to my stomach. Hands down thee WORST day of my life. Here's the menu:
(Click menu below to view what I made)
As soon as I got back from the store I took everything out of the bags & started practicing the table setting at my Uncle's house, I'm a DORK!
I made wine tags with each guests name
I fell in LOVE with these bowls by Rosanna I found at Tuesday Morning. I brought 12 back with me.

Serving trays

I couldn't find Canton Ginger Liquer so I made a vanilla ginger simple syrup myself. Did you know you can't buy beer out there on a Sunday AND they don't sell liquor in the grocery store?!?! Terrible! I added the syrup to tequila, soda & muddles grapes & cucumbers so damn good, yup that drink got me through one extremely bizarre day... it also put me on my ass too!

Ingredients for Coconut Polenta
Cream of Coconut
I love the chunks of coconut from the coconut water.
Allowing the polenta to set.
Cutting them

I made eggplant crostinis again
Ingredients for Avocado & Coconut Ice Cream... my Mom ate FOUR bowls of this

Lime Mexican Wedding Cookies I decided to make last minute to surprise my brother's wife

Along with the wine tags I had picture place settings for the guests
Mango Salsa for the Coconut & Masa Encrusted Tilapia
Cutting the Jicama for the Haitian Carnitas (Griot) skewers
Breading station for Coconut & Masa Encrusted Tilapia
Grilling the polenta
Coconut & Masa Encrusted Tilapia
Avocado & Coconut Ice Cream

The day before I left my Mom threw me a birthday party. My first one with my family in 17 years. She made ALL of my favorites. Griot, macaroni au gratin, tongue, rice & beans... the woman smacks my ass in the kitchen