Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Field Trippin': I cried for Argentina

I've got a Cuban friend from back home who's coming over for dinner tomorrow night, he happens to be a Producer from MTV & wants the 411 on the show. Granted there are a couple spots you can buy great Cuban food in LA, El Cochinito in Silverlake is the BEST! 3508 W Sunset Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90026 (323) 668-0737, but nothing beats home cooking. I knew I wanted to make a Palomilla Steak & possibly some Empanadas. 

My favorite Cuban grocery store El Cubano suffered the cruel, cruel back hand of the recession & shut down I called my Cuban brother from another mother Carlos to find another option. He hipped me to this Argentinian Market called Catalina's Market. 

I know you're thinking I just stocked up on latin spices in Koreatown last month, but when it comes to meat especially the cut I think Latin butchers at a Latin market do it the best & HELLO what's better than Argentine BBQ? Que Rico! 

Once again the ipod & I cruised up & down the aisles, actually tangoed, & I loved seeing all of the relics from my childhood & my travels. I did stock up on all things Guava & so excited to see what else I can come up with & I bought Oxtails for $5.31... unreal!!! 

I loved the empanada dough in the freezer section, usually when I make empanadas I use wonton skins, ready made chimichurri and salt cod... I can't wait to cook

If ever in LA check this place out, once again I was greeted by employees wanting to show off all their goodies, the butcher was fab & even the owner escorted me around... it was FAB, that was a first. I will definitely go back, what a great experience. 

Check them out for yourself

Field Trippin': Why I ♥ Tuesday Morning on a Wednesday afternoon

I know I'm in my pink phase but I have a feeling I will someday soon regret not owning these lovely Burgundy pieces exclusive for Tuesday Morning. I got my Pink one here, last year they were rocking the Chocolate Brown & Satin Blue that were only available in the UK.

I don't know how they keep scoring these beautiful colors! $175 for the large one, $117 for the smaller & $75 for the skillet... FAR OUT! This is EXACTLY why I haven't had a credit card in 11 years.. I would be in so much trouble *snort*