Thursday, September 24, 2009

Brain Food/Ab Work: Single Babies

Why do I LOVE these "Single Ladies" youtube renditions?!?!? This one you will NOT watch just once I promise! I'm super excited for the Pom Wonderful event I am catering tonight & all the cool things I'm doing with Pom Wonderful & pomegranate seeds full report to come soon. Please enjoy this smile til then

Food Fight: Tomayto/Tomahto

It makes me sad how people choose to let out their aggression. Yes fight for what you care the most about, but not at the expense of another or letting your frustration get the best of you & losing sight of the bigger picture. I firmly believe everything happens for a reason & when we learn from our lessons, bigger more substantial opportunities arise & new bonds are formed with people you otherwise would have not had the chance previously to meet.

I recently wrote an entry to update my friends, family & the few I don't know, but I hold dear, that indulge me by cruising on by this blog on the blessings I have just received because I had not told anyone yet & I was really proud about what I wrote & what I had experienced, I still am.

I'm not one to believe that all press is good press but in the past 24 hours this blog has had a massive wave in new readers. I wish the intentions were all positive but unfortunately for the time being I have had to disable the ability to leave comments because some "anonymous" people have felt compelled to unleash their discourse here. I hope this passes soon & my comment box will no longer be held hostage & maybe even a healthy discussion on the matter may arise.

Food is what brings us together NOT tear us apart & Mr DeLaCruz who so graciously chose to contact me personally by email waving that virtual righteous finger... I am sorry but I have to disagree with you on your statement. We are NOT only "judged by the company we keep" but we are judged by our character, the willingness to understand one another, the ability to overcome adversity & our propensity to love. I hope everyone's anger... by now, days later has lost it's grip on them & thank you for choosing to have an open dialogue with me, I have learned a lot from this, I mean that with all sincerity.

Damn Mercury in retrograde.... HA! Peace & hair grease peeps ♥