Monday, May 11, 2009

Who's Your Mama?: The Rat Pack

Just bought these last night & I'm SO stoked ! In 4-5 business days, to be exact, I will be welcoming to my collection my new "Rat Pack" of skillets... Frankie, Dean & Sammy. I got all three for 60 SMACKEROOS!!! Dear God I'm really good at this. Looks like my boy's line of Le Creuset is quickly catching up with my Dames.

I'm still looking for my elusive 4.5 Pink Loewy I will name Princess Grace & either a fryer or double skillet/sauce pan combo in blue that I am naming Brando & that's IT!!! I'm done... unless those Supremes come back.. .damn.

My neighbor Leyna moved & gave me her display rack, so as soon as my boys get here I will take another photo of my whole star studded cast including my blue Staub Tagine Valentino (inspired by his role in The Sheik *swoon*) I have yet to show them all off on their new display.

Brain Food/ AB Work: Viva La Baker!

 a little Josephine in the morning. I don't know where I would be without her strength, courage & beauty. I named my dijon Doufeu after her in honor of her mind blowing banana dance. I shall draw on her strength this week as I move into more meetings & negotiations for Single Serving... enjoy!