Sunday, November 1, 2009

Cooked: Tongue Wrastlin'

How beautiful is this?
On Halloween I went back to my friend David's. He lives in such an amazing home & neighborhood I knew I wanted to be there with him for Halloween to see & scare the bejeezus out of some proper trick or treaters. David like myself LOVES tongue. We decided to swap tongues & have a Tongue-Off. He made a veal tongue with a green sauce I made Beef Tongue in a Veracruz sauce. HA! What's scarier & yummier than tongue?!?!? I think a new Halloween tradition has started, enjoy the pics!

Candy IS dandy

David our Master of Ceremony carried around a shovel & blowhorn & chased the kids in this... terrible!Bribe money for whatever kids we made crap their costume!
Alan waiting for them at the gate!
Bill was in charge of passing the candy. It took 3 hours to turn him into Dr. Manhattan... brilliant!
I LOVED our decorations

I found my costume in the storage unit at my building... so cool! I wasn't even going to dress up this year. It was a size small & I didn't rip it... spank you VERY much Halloween Gods for bestowing this on me... *snort*Yup kid scored some loot.. he pissed himself!
Is there anything scarier than leaf blowers in LA?
Long lines ALL night. The kids emphatically said this was the best house in the whole hood in Hollywood!

Little Red Riding Hood & I rocking the white thigh highs!
Spooky Dinner. Beef Tongue, Red Beans & Rice & Tostones (fried green plantains) Nicole (Little Red) mad the SWEETEST yams I have ever had!!! Great dinner

My favourite (yes I added the U in favorite again... get used to it xo)

Nicole's yamstastic yams! *swoon*

David's green Veal Tongue & my Red Beef Tongue... safe to say it was a tie. Both so different yet so flavorful. His was tangy & savory while mine was decadent & spicy too good for words, honestly
Call me Hot Chocolate, Swiss Miss at your service