Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Who's Yo Mama?: Pink Hello Kitty Rice Cooker

Just got this yesterday after a grueling week long search on Ebay & Craigslist... even checked in EVERY City I had family & friends living in on Craigslist that can ship it to me. The search also prompted my FAB field trip to Little Tokyo also, will NEVER shop at Whole Foods again, don't worry Trader Joe's you stay Daddy. There it was for $20 brand SPANKING new on my hourly Ebay check, A never used 2005 Model Sanyo Hello Kitty rice cooker & I bought it for $20!!! I can't thank the lovely Heidi Hughes for selling it to me, packaging it with such AMAZING care & the lovely touch of adding a Rataouille sticker on the box that said "you're special" I'm tickled pink, I tell ya... SO HAPPY! Sanyo stopped making these 3 years ago. Perfect with my Hello Kitty Vacuum & Hello Kitty Sandwich Maker *insert Japanese girl giggle here*

How We Do: Can, CAN... Cannes sell this show!

I didn't get to cook last night because I had to run around like a chicken with it's head cut off to put together a last minute package to give my Producer friend Reyna who had a last minute flight to London before she heads off to Cannes for the MIPTV trade show... how SICK is her life? This is a MASSIVE TV Trade Show where a large portion of what we see on TV are all wheeled & dealed at this event... gotta love how Single Serving gets to France before I do *snort* (http://www.mipworld.com/en/MIPTV/) She called me from the airport & said when she opened her bag to pull out her cellphone a couple of people next to her noticed my bright DVD's in her bag. They asked what it was & there my girl worked her Magic & pitched the show right then & there. She called me so excited about how well people are responding & she's really proud to help. I have the most AMAZING friends. I LOVED that she called to tell me that & she's happy to help.

I'm not going to go into detail of the meetings she has slated... don't want to jinx it but fingers crossed that it's ALL good! I had to get back home & work on last night's blog so I have to admit I ate GARBAGE! I tried the new Crispy Burritos at Carl's Jr & I swear it tasted exactly like Miami-Dade County Public School Cafeteria Burritos back in the day AND they were small for $2.89... CJ's should be ashamed of themselves!!!

Actually I should, I should've just waited until I got home & popped in the oven one of my Mac N Cheese Cupcakes I have in the freezer. I'll have that for dinner tonight & post pics tomorrow. Till then enjoy the pics of my dinner I made the other night.

I love, love, LOVE Octopus I had some Wild Arugula I bought from Trader Joe's & was keen on making an Insalata di Polpo (Italian Octopus Salad) but decided to combine it with some squid ink pasta I was DYING to use. I added some garlic, shallots, lemon zest, olive oil, cotija cheese, grated romano & it was ON like Donkey Kong!

Picked up some fresh Baby Octopus I picked up on my very first field trip to Little Tokyo (I LOVE LA for that) 

Squid Ink Pasta I scooped up at TJ Maxx

Fingering the puses *snort*

They're shocked & ready for the good stuff

Absolutely PERFECT!

Added more garlic & deglazed with some Simond Wine from South Africa

My little Aliens

Brain Food/Ab Work: My Boo B.O. working to fix the AIG mess

This has me ROLLING! I love how cool Obama is... so cool one can only joke about his coolness, whole other level of cool 

Brain Food/Ab Work: Stranger Than Tandi

If you know you me you KNOW that I'm a Drag Queen... Tomboy by day, rocking AC/DC shirts, boy shorts & Adidas.... at night it's a WHOLE other story! Heck my idols are

Dolly Parton


& Wonder Woman

... so imagine my INSANELY pleasant surprise when I stumbled upon this little gem with thee GREATEST entrance in a community pageant BUMP THAT.... greatest entrance EVER... Enjoy!

Miss Tandi Dupree was BEAT! Yes I said was... Diva passed away shortly after this fantastic performance. Lord knows she lived her life to the fullest. What a wonderful inspiration.