Monday, March 30, 2009

Field Trippin': LBC... Lulu & Nunu's Good Vibrations ♥

Oh my GOODNESS where do I start? My FAB friend Lulu & I took a field trip to Long Beach. We got word on the streets from some dude I met on Craigslist... NO not that kinda Dude, GET YOUR MIND OUT OF THE GUTTER PERV, a "friend" I made when I was searching for my rice cooker & he thinks my HK kitchen obsession is HYSTERICAL... anywho he told me that a Hello Kitty/Chococat collector abandoned her apartment & everything had to go! The Landlord Chris was SUPER cool & when I asked if he could, he held a HK waffle maker for me until we arrived. Now I will say I LOVE the Kitty & Chococat but what Lulu & I walked into was INSANE!

Apparently the collector was a chain smoking stripper & a fugitive of the law with an extremely unhealthy affinity for all things Kawaii (Japanese for cute ie Sanrio & Pokeman, yes I'm multilingual *snort*) she lived in this teeny studio & Lulu & I wanted to pass out from the insanity, like we that stuff but CRAP... we know when to say when! Well I scored an authentic Coach purse, Coach wallet, long white Bebe jacket, pink cashmere scarf & my HK waffle maker for FORTY BUCKS!!! YAY me! On the drive there Lulu & I were discussing what we thought was an urban myth, the elusive Hello Kitty eh em..."massager" when I saw all the stripper stuff I joked to Chris "for sure this chick had the toys" he replied YES, she has 3 & ALL brand spanking new.... ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, Lulu & I dropped another $30 & bought a goodie bag full of stickers, key covers, chatchkes & I got an HK & Lulu scooped the My Melody eh... em... "massager". Good Vibrations for all!

On a side note searched 20 minutes on youtube for Marky Mark's Good Vibrations... what a SPUNK! Why does he act like we NEVER knew he was Marky Mark?!?! If I ever see him I will yell at him "HEY Marky Mark... you're wickity wickity WHACK YO! Well there's no sound on this one but from my experience guys this fine should be seen & not heard anyways! What a TOOL!

All that Sanrio love had Lulu & I famished. Chris recommended this FAB Champagne Brunch at a place called Port O'Call. Omelettes & Waffles & Sushi... OH MY! It was phenomenal. There were separate stations for sushi, omelettes, carving, tortillas (with a real live woman rolling & making the tortillas herself... FIERCE!) & our fave the waffle station. Amazing how the trip started with waffles & we practically ate waffles all day! They had several items in the buffet like fried chicken, burger bar, tacos, Korean shortribs, Raw Bar, tons of desserts but for me the Beef Bourguignon & Garlic Mash were sick! I'm getting hungry again just thinking about it! I should be ashamed by showing you my plate, I have NO COOF (yes I said no coof, that's worse than no couth down South!) when it comes down to buffets EVERYTHING goes on my plate, hell it all gets mixed up in my stomach anyways! I Lulu & my new nickname she gave me "Nunu" I can't wait to have more adventures with her.

Raw Plate

Omelette & Sushi

Lulu actually thought to get a vegetable

My shameful, SHAMEFUL plate!

The waffles made me do the smarty pants dance!

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