Monday, March 30, 2009

Baked: Monday Morning with EDB

Went over to EDB's to make waffles with the leftover batter I had with Lulu... once again it's always a magical day with the enchanting EDB. She made these wonderfully light & flavorful Almond Meringue Cookies. We watched The View, tore up the waffles & noshed on her lovely, lovely cookies. I coined the day Almond Joy! 

The almond flavor in both the waffles & cookies were such a fantastic way to start the week. Her "cookies" I swear were these tiny edible clouds from Heaven! They were so airy, I would just pop these treats into my mouth & allow them to dissolve... I'm surprised I don't know what my brain looks like my eyes rolled back so many times in sweet, sweet ecstasy... holy monkey nuts I'm a TERRIBLY CORNY writer! hahahahahaha!

We LAUGHED our butts off... as usual & had a rousing conversation about Zac Efron & what a terrible Actor he is & his upcoming film "17 Again" She said it's a male version of Freaky Friday & out of NO where I pulled 2 old 80's films out my butt. One with Kirk Cameron & Dudley Moore, "Like Father, Like Son' & the other with Fred Savage & Judge Reinhold "Vice Versa"... we SCREAMED with laughter & imdb'd the films. 

She found a double feature DVD of BOTH of them on & THAT"S IT... it was a wrap! She bought them (can't WAIT for them to get here). Amazon suggested 18 Again & I yelled "WITH CHARLIE SCHLATTER?!?!?" she gave me one look & LOST IT... she then took my "Black card" away from me & tore it up! Fanfreakingtastic morning! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

I enjoy this spot!

Say it FAST isn't her shirt "SOFA KING COOL?" *snort* I know she is!


Heavenly *swoon*

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