Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Cooked: Langostino Quesadillas with Sweet Corn Salsa

SO... if you read yesterday about my non existent blind date with... I shall call him "Dutch Boy" I had to cancel because he wanted to go dutch last minute a mere 2 hours before our date on the day of my beloved weekly Taco Tuesday run remember I mentioned I would stay home & make Langostino Quesadillas instead? I like to take certain situations in my life & draw inspiration for new recipes. Usually on Taco Tuesdays at my FAVORITE Mexican spot Isla I would order Ahi Tuna Tacos & Lobster Tacos.

In the Ahi Tuna they use a creamy sauce & in the Lobster it's spiced with Latin spices, lime juice, scallions & onions... I figured why not combine the two & make my own but as a Quesadilla. I didn't have Lobster or Ahi Tuna so I used my favorite Trader Joe's Langostino Tails. They only sell this seasonally so trust me by the end of Spring my freezer is stocked! They're pre-cleaned & pre-cooked & TJ's REALLY knows how to spoil a Single Cook.... them for that!

I added some diced Jalapeno's, Sriracha, (you know I doing my Chino Latino thang) cream cheese, lime juice, Adobo & a pinch of Chipotle for a bit of smokiness. Unfortunately I ran out of Cilantro & Tomato so I used a cilantro base in a jar & Pace Picante Salsa.... this was still on FIRE so flippin' good.
The Star Studded Cast:

Adding Cream Cheese to the Mix:

Diced Jalapenos

Ready for the pan





This isn't the first time I've created a recipe due to an unfortunate communication gap between myself & a Man. I dated a guy once that made a terrible comment, sorry "joke" (his words)... about African American's oh I'm sorry "Darky's" affinity for Fried Chicken & Watermelon, I was livid but instead of reading him the riot act I came up with a Lobster version of a Cuban classic, Empanizado (Chicken Fried Steak) I bought a Lobster tail pounded the hell out of it (probably was pretending it was his face) breaded it in ground Club Crackers, so buttery, fried it up & then made it Milanesa Style by adding Tomato sauce & Mozzarella.

Ran out of plastic wrap so I used my Little Mermaid sandwich bags.. kind of ironic, huh? ZUT ALORS! I kept singing "Les Poissons" from the Little Mermaid

Lobster Empanizado (Chicken Fried Lobster):

Lobster Milanesa:

I remembered an AWESOME episode of Tyler's Ultimate where my home slice, Tyler Florence, made this wonderful Watermelon Gazpacho so I made that also with Watermelon skewers. It had Watermelon, cucumbers, onions, tomato & cilantro... super easy & all fresh ingredients. No cooking what so ever & all I needed was a blender... FAB! I friggin' LOVE that man! Just Gordon, Anthony & Tyler is all I need, my trinity... A-MEN.

Did I mention it was a SUPER hot day in June? So cool, so crisp so sweet, it really helped cool me off both physically & emotionally! I just remember eating them both & thinking this is great culinary revenge, I remember thinking "TAKE THAT you ignorant dirtbag!" Oh no, NOT Tyler, he's a dream... the dirtbag I dated! *snort*

Tyler's mouth watering Watermelon Gazpacho

I need a better camera!

On a more positive note some of my best dishes have also been inspired by some amazing Men! My Currant Glazed Lamb for Max, Carlos' Stuffed Cornish Game Hens, Chris P's Squid Ink & Angel Hair Pasta, Kenny's Shrimp Toast, my brother Andrew inspired a Prosciutto, Pork Belly & Arugula Pizza... oh the list goes on & on.

I drawing inspiration from the day to day of my life, I believe when you do that there is a lesser chance of screwing a new recipe up, especially when you are inspired by a person. You take your time, you think of the best & even worst things about them & you end up combining things together you normally wouldn't have & oh... when you a person it's a whole other ballgame.

A bit of spice, sweet, bitter, lot's of wine or beer, sauce, onions (I get a little verklempt when tears build up as I use an onion in a recipe inspired by someone) & all my heart... I can't sing, I can't draw I really don't have a creative way to express myself to another except for the fact that I can cook & there is no greater gift I can think of than that!

To watch the look on a person's face when they take that first bite & you know the entire time you they were in your heart & on your mind while you were making it is INCREDIBLE I can't thank my Grandmother enough for this legacy, I miss her SO much

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