Tuesday, March 24, 2009

How We Do: Can, CAN... Cannes sell this show!

I didn't get to cook last night because I had to run around like a chicken with it's head cut off to put together a last minute package to give my Producer friend Reyna who had a last minute flight to London before she heads off to Cannes for the MIPTV trade show... how SICK is her life? This is a MASSIVE TV Trade Show where a large portion of what we see on TV are all wheeled & dealed at this event... gotta love how Single Serving gets to France before I do *snort* (http://www.mipworld.com/en/MIPTV/) She called me from the airport & said when she opened her bag to pull out her cellphone a couple of people next to her noticed my bright DVD's in her bag. They asked what it was & there my girl worked her Magic & pitched the show right then & there. She called me so excited about how well people are responding & she's really proud to help. I have the most AMAZING friends. I LOVED that she called to tell me that & she's happy to help.

I'm not going to go into detail of the meetings she has slated... don't want to jinx it but fingers crossed that it's ALL good! I had to get back home & work on last night's blog so I have to admit I ate GARBAGE! I tried the new Crispy Burritos at Carl's Jr & I swear it tasted exactly like Miami-Dade County Public School Cafeteria Burritos back in the day AND they were small for $2.89... CJ's should be ashamed of themselves!!!

Actually I should, I should've just waited until I got home & popped in the oven one of my Mac N Cheese Cupcakes I have in the freezer. I'll have that for dinner tonight & post pics tomorrow. Till then enjoy the pics of my dinner I made the other night.

I love, love, LOVE Octopus I had some Wild Arugula I bought from Trader Joe's & was keen on making an Insalata di Polpo (Italian Octopus Salad) but decided to combine it with some squid ink pasta I was DYING to use. I added some garlic, shallots, lemon zest, olive oil, cotija cheese, grated romano & it was ON like Donkey Kong!

Picked up some fresh Baby Octopus I picked up on my very first field trip to Little Tokyo (I LOVE LA for that) 

Squid Ink Pasta I scooped up at TJ Maxx

Fingering the puses *snort*

They're shocked & ready for the good stuff

Absolutely PERFECT!

Added more garlic & deglazed with some Simond Wine from South Africa

My little Aliens

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