Monday, October 26, 2009

Who's Your Mama?: A very special delivery

My best friend Gigo of 20 years came to LA to see U2 perform for his & his wife's birthday. I BEGGED him to bring his daughter Alicia & I'll babysit while he's at the show since I don't get down to Miami very often I was afraid I was going to miss seeing her as an infant... too flippin' cute! Because I slept at David's & was preparing for the party for 3 days I missed another special delivery but waiting for me downstairs Sunday morning I found my new baby Dame Elizabeth Taylor... *swooooooooooon*.

These were only sold exclusively in Japan & South Africa, luckily but not luckily my girlfriend Dana just moved to South Africa.. that was the luckily part, the unluckily one was when she came to stay with me before she moved I loaned her my $400 VINTAGE leather Chanel Camellia Brooch... she lost it (bummer) I knew replacing it would take YEARS!!! SO I asked her if she could send me a Le Creuset pot in either the coveted Antique Rose (pink) or Lilac Mist (Lavender). I already have 2 pink pieces so I was salivating over this one.

On my weekly ebay search under the keyword Le Creuset Rare I found this!!! Granted it's not $400 & it won't ever replace my stun-NING brooch but nonetheless I am super stoked & tickled pink by my new baby & I can't thank Dana enough for keeping her word & doing everything possible to make it up to me. I MISS you Dana Dane, I am SO proud of you & you are forever my sister... believe that girly! You have been such an invaluable addition to my life. I love you!

She's captivated by both the pots & herself in the mirror... I LOVE her!
A love story begins, gotta start them young!
How delicious is she?
How delicious are my new babies? HA! I'm ridiculous!

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  1. Awww such cuteness!! There's a possibility my mom may try to get me a piece of xmas!! Though I'm a HUGE pink fan, I actually like the lavender a lot better, I think. Yours is just SO pretty :)