Friday, October 30, 2009

Food For Thought: For Precious Girls Everywhere

For Precious Girls Everywhere... that was the quote on the screen when one of thee most powerful movies I have ever seen concluded. On Wednesday I went to a screening presented by Vanity Fair of my dear friend & artistic influence Lee Daniels new film Precious: Based on the novel Push by Sapphire... which is also produced by my mentor Simone Sheffield. 2 days later I am STILL shaking! There were SO many elements to this film I identified with, personally & looking around the theatre & seeing all the women as shaken as I was I realized how hard most women in the world have it. It was beautifully shot, kind of reminded me of an urban Amelie. It was SUPER funny amidst so much tragedy, very reminiscent of life & this is why Lee's films always stand out for me. He has this incredible gift to interpret the juxtapositions of life... good, bad & hopeful & putting it all up there on screen in it's raw & visceral form...

Diana, Lee & I
Me telling Lee I worship the ground he floats over

Lee holding court, he deserves the very BEST!
Speaking of raw & visceral the performances were MESMERIZING! First off Mo'nique WILL get an Oscar for this anyone that can make you hate them that much in a performance then have you cry with them & find some sort of reasoning in all that insanity & you see the humanity in such a monster is worthy of every acting accolade given this year.... but as powerful as her performance was, actually EVERY ONE'S performance... such a fantastic cast (even Mariah Carrey killed it & Paula Patton was a revelation) but I can't stop beaming with pride over the performance of newbie Gabourey Sidibe.
Gabby's ethereal balls to the wall performance... I mean she was the biggest, darkest & everything I was conditioned to believe was NOT star worthy female lead I have ever seen but literally so tragic & this STUN-NINGLY gorgeous artist at the same time, possibly the most stunning actress I have ever seen... as an artist I have been WAITING to see a performance like this, secretly I've ALWAYS wanted to be the one but due to fear was waiting in the wings for someone to do it first! As a viewer I have SALIVATED for a film like this to make me put EVERYTHING in my life into perspective & inspire me to propel myself to bigger & better things that I deserve to experience. I couldn't stop hugging her & thanking her for having the courage to give a performance like that. She was so cute I wanted to put her in my pocket. SO much humility & grace she kept saying thank you when I wanted her to understand how grateful we all were for her performance. Anyone sees that performance of hers will be changed FOREVER! She has solidified her place in film history.

Both my mentor Simone & Lee get little Black girls (Monster's Ball), big black girls (Mo'nique) & now big Black queens (Lee) OSCARS!!!! Almost a millenia in the making. I can't WAIT for the day I can return the favor & show Simone I am worth the investment she has made in me. I don't think I have ever cried so much in my entire life & at the end of the film when it was dedicated to the "Precious girls everywhere" never have I had more truer words resonate in me & inspire me. Please, please, PLEASE RUN & see this film when it comes to a theatre near you on November 6th... Life is PRECIOUS!

My friend an incredible Actor Sammi Rotibi

My girl Di ROCKING the carpet

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