Tuesday, June 9, 2009

LUSH-US Drinks: Blessing In Disguise

We were having a good time eating, laughing & sharing... it was super easy to fall into a food coma, but my Puerto Rican Buddhist Goddess was like "OYE me... you cooked I clean!" It was like the gates of heaven opened up .

I LOATHE cleaning, people wonder why do I cook so well & how can I focus on labor intensive dishes... it's because I have absolutely NO cleaning cells in my brain!

Damn Sexy!
Ave Maria.... not the song but Maria (my long lost domestic goddess of a house keeper) how I miss you so. Seriously, when I lost my job it wasn't the fact I couldn't go shoe shopping , or travel, or can't buy drinks at the bar anymore & instead be subjected to the seedy business of sneaking into the bathroom to drink from my roadie or flask I stashed in my purse that I was going to miss the most, it was my dear dear Maria....

Aye, Maria, as Julia Childs is my witness I will sell this show... I promise & we will be together again forever, amen! *she slips away to cry for a moment*

Ok I'm back. Vinda challenges me... "ok bartender... make me a drink!" I put on some Salsa music, cranked up the volume walked to the bar & was like "I got it!" Game on.

Being that all three of us are going through some challenges I made us my favorite concoction I named a "Blessing In Disguise". I like to make my drinks with the same thought process as I make my food.

I created this drink when my friend Michelle went through a terrible break-up & this is the drink that is featured in my pilot for Single Serving:

1 part Tequila: because it numbs the pain & losing someone or something hurts.
1 part St Germain (Elder Flower Liquer): because what says fabulous than something French.
1 part Champagne: because HELLO this is a celebration bitches, good riddance!
Lemon Sorbet Floater: because Women are sweet, fresh, tangy, tart & refreshing & through every adversity have the strength to rise to the top.
Vinda said this was the greatest drink she has ever had & could drink only that for the rest of her life. She happily scrubbed my stove (HAPPILY, can you imagine?!?!?) whilst shaking her glorious bootay & Perri feeling nice put the pole on spin mode & broke into an impromptu performance. The cocktail made us all feel so nice.

Vinda said I should rename it Vinda or heaven, told her I couldn't but I feel a cupcake version named Vinda's Heaven is coming

The Star Studded Cast

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