Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Cooked: Lemony Farfalle with Wild Arugula & Asiago sauce with Pollo Empanizado & Crispy Beef

All that cupcake making had us hun-GRY! We decided to do the frosting on Sunday so I made a quick & easy dinner & enough pasta to last us for Sunday's frosting. I wanted a spa like pasta but with a light sauce so you felt like you actually ate something. 

My Buddhist Goddess Vinda  , the dame that Shaka Buku'd me into the practice (Buddhism) I invited over to cruise by. We're both from Miami & have been club girls for YEARS, this was honest to God the VERY first time I had someone at my home on a Saturday night for dinner my whole life. I've been working at a club since the week after I graduated from High School, it was such an incredible feeling

It was for her the first time she had a home cooked dinner on a Saturday night for years & she appreciated it SO much. I am forever indebted to that girl. Here's our dinner.

The Star Studded Cast

Getting to use Dan's Jamaica Me Crazy spice again... SO good!
Turning the buttery club crackers into breading I got to de-virginize my brand new KitchenAid extremely sexy candy apple red processor I won from Bakespace.com
heart Babette!
Ghetto Breading Station

Figured I'd spoil the Broads

Cheated, couldn't wait til Sunday so we had some samples of the Bellini Cupcakes for dessert

Perri had me over for Pilates before we finished the cupcakes & we were starving! I had enough pasta left over from the night before, but the chicken was a goner. I had some ribeye in the icebox (HA how retro) I defrosted it, whipped out the Jamaica Me Crazy & added the crispy beef & some romano on top of the pasta.

Why does pasta ALWAYS taste better the next day? My goodness this was so good. I especially loved the contrast between the crispy chicken & beef with the creamy pasta! 

Crispy Beef

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