Monday, June 1, 2009

Field Trippin': Hollywood Farmer's Market

Outside of the Farmer's Market on 3rd St & the Farmer's Markets I've been to on my travels I have never been to a local Farmer's market in my neighborhood... this one was so cool. Very small & intimate but packed with passionate people & fantastic flavors.

My BF Jen has a bun in the oven & this is her favorite thing to do on Mondays AND get her Tamale fix, seriously thee most MASSIVE Tamales I have ever seen! My favorites were the olive & tapenade table, the salsa & tortilla guy, the fish monger that had the most ginormous prawns I have ever seen... still alive, also! My absolute fave was Rose the honey lady.

She was so eloquent & passionate about honey, I love learning from someone that has such enormous respect for what they do & love expressing it. She used to be a truck driver, uncertain about what she was passionate about. On her travels she she met a beekeeper I assume they must have or she must have fell in love ...

I like to add stories to stories... sue me! She was just so delightful & informative about the process, the taste , the texture & the art of making honey. I've never been a fan of honey but thanks to Rose I am now... the avocado tree honey was my favorite. She gave me a pack of honey sticks & whole new respect for honey.

My other favorite moment was when Jen & I hit this vegetable stand on steroids! The size & pardon my expression... girth on some of these puppies were insane, for instance check out these eggplants: ♥♥♥
I squealed that I wanted to date one of them *snort*!

Seriously all the other eggplants at the other stands couldn't compare!

Jen of course had to one up me & go for the daikon... she's nuts & apparently likes 'em VERY big.

Oh man we were having a BLAST I wish I recorded it, giggling like schoolgirls & making all sorts of perverted comments, this cutie overheard us & suggested we check out the cucumbers... "they're packing too"

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA... awesome, fantastic moment!

I kept posting onto & commenting to these pics on my Facebook, my friend Nick suggested I should do a show where I only cook phallic looking foods, I told them I would lose an entire male fanbase when I have to chop, grate, stick in a food processor & slice all that stuff up, I often wondered why Lorena Bobbitt didn't stick it in the blender before she booked it... HA, did I just say that out loud?!?!?!

My least favorite moment was the chicken guy with terrible social skills. He was just on my left one since I got there for no good reason. First insulting me when I brought my dog, Divi. I didn't know I couldn't have my dog there. Then he proceeded to insult my cooking when I asked were one half of the chickens roasting BBQ & the other half Lemon Herb?

He was like "those are for the Black people & those are for the Whites... Girl you must not know how to cook, those aren't cooked yet!" Dem are fighting words right dere "I CAN'T COOK?!?!?!?!" I am not a pussy willow at all I snapped back & said "And YOU must not know how to talk to women!" Douche!

I didn't say the douche part, just thought it HA! He was pretty embarrassed when his boy laughed at him. THEN came the remark that made me want to cut him! When Jen said she was pregnant, he said I was the one that looked pregnant... this guy must die! Don't buy his overpriced chicken or subject to his nasty attitude!

It amazes me how in this day & age we still have men that have absolutely no respect for women & get off on it, this is why I live between my headphones sometimes. Other than that it was a fantastic experience I will be back on a weekly basis, I will skip the chicken truck unless I feel the urge to show up there with some eggs & throw it at the Black Foghorn Leghorn on a budget!

The End.

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