Wednesday, May 27, 2009

How I Roll: Ah Diddle-Dee.. Cabana Life For Me!

For a chick that doesn't know when the next regular check's a comin' in... 16 months deep since I lost my stable gig of 9 years. I tend to live a fabulous life sometimes I've been so focused on Single Serving & new recipes I haven't gone out in a while. I got a gig for 2 weeks hitting all the hottest spots in town to recruit hot promoters & ran into SO many old school faces... even after YEARS things in H-Wood don't change that much.

It was surreal... kind of like I never left except I was 30 lbs heavier & even more bitter about the dating scene & the guys are losing their hair & still dating 23 year olds to feel better about themselves. Speaking about weight, I had not stepped on US soil in a bathing suit since I quit smoking 2 years ago... yikes!

On my random field trips around town I got invited to this hotel pool party on Memorial Day at the W in Westwood, I almost was going to pass it up until I was offered to hang VIP style in a Cabana. I invited my girl Perri, psyched myself up to get in a suit actually numbed myself, posted my apprehension on Facebook, got a ton of supportive people to encourage me, put on the suit, grabbed Perri & a roadie (water bottle filled with Tequila... what? I'm broke not stupid & needed a little more liquid courage!) then we grabbed a double double at In N Out (that's cause I'm broke & gluttonous HELLO 30 friggin' lbs) & it was on like Donkey Kong!

It was PACKED! We had to wait almost 15 minutes to get in & I've known the door guy for 16 years, was "VIP" & invited by 3 separate promoters there... that's how packed it was, no sweat we got in. Now the scariest thing about getting into my suit is that every summer all my friends post their Malibu house party pics & all the trendy cool celebrity filled stuff they can do in a bikini... ARGH! Let me tell you those bitches use photoshop or airbrush themselves... EVERY single chick there had cellulite... it was FABULOUS!!! 

It was so liberating, seeing all of them just comfortable & having a blast, my new dimples fit right in. Perr & I ripped off our outfits & took a strut, her in her gold Tory Burch's me in my Dior's working it around the pool 

2 hours later we had the cabana to ourselves & someone sent us a bottle, we had a flat screen in the cabana & invited people to watch the Lakers game... SO fun! Lindsay & her little sister Ali shared the cabana next to us... it was awesome! 

Perri & I were treated like Princesses & honestly I have never felt better & more comfortable in my skin all year like I did on Memorial Day... SCREW IT what I learned is that you never trust a skinny chef, all cellulite is created equal & does not discriminate & I look dayum good... still! Never again will I shortchange myself nor embrace the changes in my life.

The incomparable Henry Gilbert Stafford III Door Man Extraordinaire!
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Me with Chocolate AND Fudge... WOW!

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