Sunday, March 22, 2009

Baked: KISS my Bundt!

My FAVORITE Cupcake Princess/Goomba Elizabeth is who introduced me to the whole world of blogs & is literally my link to the foodie existence.

I just thought EVERYONE loved food as much as I did... duh! She has a fantastic blog so I asked her if I could come over & she can show me some pointers on starting my own blog.... LET ME TELL YOU the hostess with the mostest is BACK!!!! Glad to know I'm NOT alone. She not only looked fantastic when I showed up...

she organized an impromptu dinner party & the fantastic Rena & Robin showed up.

She made Italian Sausage & Peppers

Linguini & Clams

baked some some take & bake bread from La Brea Bakery


Her Nana's Apple Pecan Bundt Cake...

honestly I haven't had Bundt cake in 15 years... I MOPPED that puppy up & was practically in tears of how it made me feel when I tried to explain it to her

I don't know if it's the economy but there is nothing like old school comfort food & as much as I love love LOVE cupcakes... the Bundt just kicked cupcakes bundt! WOW, did I also mention she put on an entire season of The Golden Girls for me while she cooked & I was designing my site & brought out the tequila shots?

OMG the episode with Rose wearing the vacuum slacks is on... hahahhaahahahahahahaha *snort* (yes I snort, shut up! *snort*) FIERCE! Well, I know it's day 2 of my blog & I should say more, but I've been looking at my screen ALL day & now the UNO Attack she just whipped out is calling my name... PEACE!

Enjoy the rest of the pics from our FABULOUS Shoulder Pad Sunday (the shoulder pads on the Golden Girls were KILLING us they even wore them with their night gowns... the 80's SUCKED!!!)

We just have SO much in common, she has coined us as Salt & Pepa (Rap song to come soon... stay tuned)

I mean even the Salt & Pepper shakers are PINK. No on Prop 8 FOR REAL!

Same Hello Kitty Love

I mean SO much alike, taste wise, we FLIPPED when we noticed our keys... unreal!

Ok I HAVE to admit I got the Pink Stand Mixer cause she had one & yes I am an admitted EDB fan HA! The keys though... was just straight up BIZARRE & we LOVED it!

My Piggy Argyle Socks were a hit *snort* shut up!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE how fantastic she is! We all had a BLAST!

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