Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Coveted Corner: A Lover Lost

KISS my Bundt... for REAL! Speaking about the Economy, I have been having a HORRIBLE day on Ebay, everything I mean EVERYTHING I wanted went for far more than I expected given the current economic climate & if there is one thing that chaps my lips more than a winter in Fargo is people that SUCK at Ebay! Who bids over $300 on an item with 4 days left in the auction that the starting bid is $9.99?!?!

Whoever did that should be hunted & hung by their toenails over the shark tank at Sea World!!!Talk about the haves & the have nots, downright criminal, must be Madoff's wife... ARGH! Even though I coveted this more than anything ALL week (that's huge), I feel bad for the family given the pressure on their wallets who had to give this stunning set up. 

Probably why I am still single, one of my kids would have to go before a single piece in this set did.... kidding.... no not really, but really HA... seriously! Oh well... goodbye very rare vintage PINK set of Le Creuset cast iron bakeware that I was going to name The Supremes... THANKS Bush... bastard!

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