Friday, March 12, 2010

Between My Headphones: When I am wrong... I'm WRONG!

Yup & I ALWAYS admit it when I am & this is thee biggest pill I've had to swallow yet.... in 2010. Many times, even on here I've expressed my dislike for Lady GaGa aka GagGag, but unexpectedly the hook & sick beat for "Bad Romance" got me & the video made me wet myself... from sweating, DUH! I thought it was a fluke so I paid no mind to it, I gave her ONE hit & that was it... then I watched her on Oprah & saw what she did for Haiti & how genuinely humbled she was for her success & the blessings she has recieved from her generous "Little Monster" fans, so I gave her TWO! Then the song Telephone came out, I tried to play it off "ok that's cool"... a week later I secretly had that jam on repeat & told NO ONE! I was like a binge eating bulimic for the hectic, multifaceted beats.

Then yesterday the video came out & DAGNABBIT... I'm freaking HOOOOOKED! That's THREE... Diva did a hat trick on me. The utter filth, rawness, girl power sexy, confident, trash, balls, all that insanity, Miss B looking like a Black Bettie Page, non sequitur images & dialogue, couture, mad unabashed product placements, mayhem, mass murdering, drop bass that just smacks your ass, 11 flippin' costume changes, raunch & glam all wrapped up in under 10 minutes... UGH, it's a wrap for me! I wouldn't say I'm a Monster but God blessed the chick is SICK & I HAVE to give her her dayum props, not like she needs me to cosign for her on her talent... HA! I can't wait to hit the club with my Gays tonight & dance this madness off! So "tonight I'm not takin' no calls cause I'll be dancin'... I'm BUSY!"


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