Saturday, June 13, 2009

Brain Food/Ab Work: Mitzi, Mackie & My oh MY!!!

I adore this song from On The Town "And, I can Cook Too" it's the song I have on my website & just really showcases the fabulousness & flexibility that only a Woman could embody. I catered a party last night... 14 hours AND served in my 5 inch Louboutin Pigalles... no less (not work... WERK!), for a young VIBRANT Woman that just completed her residency & this dinner was a way she could say thank you to her friends that supported her on her very bumpy road to the finish line.

More on Dr Strand, her FAB roommate Erika, her dashing father & lively  supportive friends later when I post pics & the story . After 14 straight hours in the kitchen my body is in shock, I decided to stay in bed all day before I hit the bar, yes I am bartending tonight at my old haunt Blue Goose Lounge... SO glad to be back! 

I left the TV on & in my sleep I am awakened by a PBS special on Mitzi Gaynor... HOLY CRAP she is tooo fab for words! AND she is drip-PING in Mackie designs sings "I'm a Woman" with Suzanne Pleshette, has thee most electrical number with 100 Guys... ok, I'm saying WAY too much & still can't find the words just watch this... oh me oh my!

She's just so delightful, I would LOVE to bring back & star in my own Variety Show, wouldn't that be divine? The costumes, the numbers & the entertainment electricity packed into one tiny woman is just to DIE for but  my favorite moment out of them all is when she's being interviewed in present day on PBS for viewer donations & she tells the viewers for a $275 donation she'll come to your home & personally cook for you. 

The guy laughs at her & the look on her face is priceless! After 2 hours of being blown away by her performances & all the stars she had on her show she's like look Buster! "My husband said I am a COOK who just happens to sing & dance!!!" There's a tiny clip on her of her rendition of "And, I Can Cook Too" her outfit is slam-MING a freaking leotard made to look like an apron FAN-FREAKING-TASTIC & I adore the scene in the kitchen sink. OH I just fell out & every time they came back to the studio to ask for donations she wasn't playing about her skills in the kitchen... too FAB! ♥♥♥♥

Without further ado, Ladies & Germs.... the glorious Miss Mitzi Gaynor :


  1. 14 hours in 5 inch Louboutins?!?! omg. I'm impressed!


  2. Oooooooooh that's a TALL tale, I must clarify I cooked & setup the party in flip flops for 9 hours SERVED in stilettos for 5... nevertheless it still kicked my butt! My right foot still hasn't recovered hahahahaha!