Sunday, June 28, 2009

Baked: My Little Man's ALL grown up.

Friday I catered, Saturday I bartended & watched Mitzi on PBS... Sunday my little man turned TWO!!!  He's my friend Edrickcan's son. Edrickcan used to dance for me in Miami when I was the head dancer at Liquid Nightclub... OH the memories of that place.... google it!

She's been living here in LA almost as long as I have & to help me out with my I have no family out here fix & to help her out with saving money on daycare she let's me watch her son Elijah... SERIOUSLY coolest kid on the planet!!! We cruise all day, he's so perfect! ♥ For his second birthday I offered to make cupcakes.

His party was Cars themed. Of course I was the single Auntie  that showed up 2 hours late thinking the party was at 2, but it was at noon, bearing 50 of my Perri's Butter Cream Red Velvets AND they served juice in these organic sippy bags like Capri Sun so I couldn't sneak any booze into anything.... geez! 

Oh well... cupcakes were still a SMASH! 


  1. Those cupcakes are SO cute and they sound amazing too!!! Adorable little boy :)


  2. Awe Sues... you are the MASTER of all things cute! THANK YOU I get all giggly & fuzzy inside when you stop by here I'm such a fan of your blog! ♥♥♥♥