Friday, May 15, 2009

Who's Your Mama?: So many men so little time! Yes I am a whore

A shopping whore & apparently have appeased my Pink obsession (until I find my Pink Loewy) & become a Perriwinkle whore!  I just bought these today... for $30!!! My Rat Pack came in 2 days early & I got to cook with them last night... SO HAPPY! Now... look, I know I said earlier I need only 2 more pieces, Brando & Princess Grace & then "I'm DONE"... right!

Weeeeeeellllllllllllll these were such a FANTASTIC deal I couldn't pass up. So gone is my original wish of a vintage chicken fryer or skillet/saucepan combo & hello lovers to 2 of my favorite men of all time... Marlon Brando & James Dean. 

These are made by Cousances which is a French Enamelware Company that Le Creuset acquired some years back & most LC pieces are made in the Cousances factory anyway.  I reading on messageboards the battles between people on what's better LC or Cousances?

So far Cousances has a slight lead so I said screw it I need one to try for myself & I scored 2. My favorite part is they are Perriwinkle & match my Rat Pack perfectly so instead of getting the one skillet/saucepan combo... I get 2 combos! 

My Rat Pack skillets can double as lids to my Debonaire Duo *swoon* my Vegas boys work so hard & I can't WAIT to put Brando & James to work as well, oh the double boiling madness to be had... hahahaha. I might never leave the house again! Why does great deals & loading my house with more crap I can't afford nor have the room for make me so happy? 

I bid $80 on this & didn't win! Thank 6lb 10oz Baby Jesus! I got 5 whole pieces for $90 instead!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

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