Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Field Trippin': Starstruckartf*ck

I have a friend that's an industrial designer & he asked me to check out his show, I was swamped all week so I planned to go on the last day of the showing. The invite said open til 6 I go at around 3 of course the exhibition had been taken down & he picked up his pieces that morning... FAIL only me! 

BUT one piece was left behind, this really cool lamp the Gallery Director fell in love with. I love how as human beings we have the ability to make the most beautiful things. 

I stared at the lamp for a while & felt super proud of my friend for creating something so whimsical yet modern, I had my ipod on... as usual & decided to cruise around the place more.

The exhibit was held at The Loft at Liz's this really cool spot above a restorative hardware store. I was amazed at all the beauty, when it comes to building homes we don't really give such attention to details anymore. 

I grew up in a bodyshop that my father owned so the smell of the place alone was intoxicating... porcelain, copper, brass, metal, paint, epoxy, fiberglass... dust ahhhhhhh. I also loved watching my dad take something that was destroyed & making it new again, I'm fascinated by it really. 

I cruised around for 2 hours it was beautiful. Unfortunately on my way out I noticed a beautiful Windsor Chateau styled apartment complex being destroyed, probably replaced by a crappy cookie cutter apartment with GASP carpet.... UGH! I am SO over unorginality. 

Speaking of true originals check out my boy James' website & peep all of his stunning creations

NCAC's lamp
I was so drawn to this

Voluptuous gals need love too

I hade NEVER seen these sconces before in my life...
apparently they were VERY popular at a time gone by *sigh*
This pretty much describes my mood... all the time
Let there be light
porcelain knobs
Sea of knobs
This makes me cry EVERY time!

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