Monday, April 6, 2009

Who's Your Mama?: A Few of My Favorite Things from my kitchen

Marilyn, Josephine, Audrey, Paul & Eartha... yes I name my cookware... SO? HA!

Coco Chanel my vintage Lavender 1958 Raymond Loewy Coquelle for Le Creuset

My notorious "broken" heart Mimi...I got it for a steal because of the minor flaw still cooks perfectly! Exquisitely flawed like me so that's why she's named Mimi, my mini me

Paul Newman

Luke & Mimi

My Sexy Sparkly Pin Ups

My Mom used to spend her Sundays cleaning her Silverware... well, here are mine keeping the LC spotless I it, it's like A Chorus Line!

Brigitte Bardot, my new baby... anyone interested in buying a white stand mixer?

Yeah, the step ladder is pretty much my best friend! SPICY!


  1. so, i'm catching up on the last few days of posts. and while i knew you name your favorite things like i do (one of the million & one reasons why we're drawn to one another... hee!) you named your broken heart le creuset, mimi.

    i've named my ladies (the diamonds, the *other* set are the girls! ;) ) mimi & veronica. mimi has the most flaws & cracks, but she also sparkles the best!

    sigh! i DO adore you!

  2. I have never named the LCs but they are the prized possessions in my kitchen - along with my gorgeous Ruffoni pot and the copper Jenn-Air lovelies. Carribean and copper is basically the theme of the kitchen.

  3. Lys: Yeah the Caribbean line is pretty sick, I want a LC batter bowl or the braiser in that shade & name him Harry Belafonte.. so sexy!

    Lulu: J'adore Lulu xoxo

  4. Please tell me where you found the full sized pink Le Creuset dutch oven. I've only ever seen the small hearts etc... it's my biggest kitchen wish to have a pink dutch oven. I've been holding out for years. They keep making me irrationally angry by releasing new colors in yellow and grey...ugh. I'm also digging your pink ruffled edge pie plate too.

  5. Oh Erin ew... did you see the new Sonoma Green ones?!?! JEEZUS! Hmm... I saw the Pink ones on Ebay 2 years ago going for $300, $400+ bids. I too have been looking for years, I thought it was an urban myth. When I bought the pink heart one, with the crack, I asked the woman where she got it & she told me Tuesday Morning. I looked all over LA & surrounding areas they were sold out! 6 months later I had to go home for a friend's wedding, I stopped at Tuesday Morning in a dodgy neighborhood in Miami because it's where I bought my Mom's blue one, this might hurt but may help. I bought it for $35 on sale because NO ONE in that neighborhood would pay $100 for it. When I called Le Creuset because I wanted to replace the lid of my cracked heart cocotte, they told me the pink was exclusive to Tuesday Morning & they weren't making them again. I did a year ago buy a 4.5 same as mine for a friend by calling a Tuesday Morning in Atlanta, knowing my brother would go & pick it up for me & knowing no one would be interested in it there... remarkably for the same sale price.

    The 800 # at Tuesday Morning is SUPER helpful, do you want me to dig for the receipt & give you the item number? They run it through the database & give you a list of stores that have them. I make my Mom & Bro pick up stuff there for me all the time Do you like vintage LC's? There was a 3.5 & 5 qt on Ebay in pink that is the same style as my Paul Newman blue one I have & do you like the Raymond Loewy Cocottes? I saw a pink one last week, they come up from time to time, I can keep an eye out on that one for you too since I'm already looking for a 4.5 in that design. Just let me know. Sorry for the long drawn out explanation but I know how special these are & I'm glad to help!

  6. OH my Erin... I just realized I have contacted you before I emailed you personally this 411 when I saw you post your desire on apartment therapy when they ran a story about the Dijon line release:

    Your blog is WONDERFUL! David Lebovitz posted a story the other day about your Julia Childs candle *snort* on Facebook. Wow, teeny tiny world I would LOVE to help you!