Friday, April 10, 2009

TERRIBLE: Birth Control

May 6th will be 2 whole years since I quit smoking, such a stupid STUPID habit, Man the 20's perspective really did SUCK, but MAN the body was bangin'. While I do have my moments (just brief moments) of feeling my biological clock kicking me in the face it's when I see things like this:

I feel TRULY blessed that I am not a Mom yet, it's a crazy world we live in & this is one of the gnarliest things I've seen all week. I live in LA I see gnarly things ALL the time, 2 weeks ago I saw a homeless chick with implants & NO she wasn't Bush Economy induced homeless, girlfriend has been like that for a minute she had the dreads & the tan to prove it... anywho this is truly disturbing & I pray for all of my friends who are trying their best to raise their rugrats in this world. Here's an article from The Wall Street Journal:

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