Thursday, April 9, 2009

How I Roll: I have the greatest friends on the PLANET!

So my Bestie in Oz & brilliant animator Shannon, he's the one that animated the fab intro to my show is working on a animated version of his series Frame by Frame & has once again animated me , yup I went straight to the gym after I saw this, he thinks way too highly of me... hahahahaha. 


I also had EDB scoop by the house & pick up the rest of the Cupcakes before I ate them all & added to my ever expanding rump. She, Jesse & our favorite globe trotter SpaceCamp Jesse (SCJ) had a bit of fun with the Cupcakes, she also dropped off a FABULOUS gift bag for me full of Easter goodies, will post those tomorrow, gotta run to pole class now... she's SOFA KING COOL!

Shan's brilliant intro:

Toony Noosh is BACK... & BADDER than EVER! hahaha

Poor SCJ does a cream cheese icing faceplant... I'm actually kind of jealous, cream cheese icing is the bomb diz!

I should've been a DR WORST handwriting ever!

EDB like Lulu & I has an unhealthy affinity for the Kitty

Can't BAH-LIEVE SCJ is cheating on me with my homegirl!

"Too many cupcakes make SpaceCamp booty"- quoting the FAB EDB

"He has a thing for the tall ones" -JIE

"SpaceCamp Jesse, LiveAction Jesse and Elizabeth eating yummy cupcakes!! Thanks Manouschka!!!!" -EDB

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