Friday, March 27, 2009

Who's Your Mama?: My FIRST ♥

Plenty of Women claim to shoes.. especially after Carrie Bradshaw said it, but I still have my VERY first love... I wore these from 4 months well into my first year on this planet. These must have been a gift to my Mother & her Haitian behind probably stuffed them with tissues to last. I wish my scanner worked so you can see how I LITERALLY grew up in these! I have lost heaps of stuff over the years (Hurricane, Arson, plenty of moves, breakups, loss in storage... HEAPS of stuff) but I still have these! I will ALWAYS have love for my patent leather Mary Jane's that in my very first steps in my walk of life are still here to remind me how precious every day is. I am SO glad my Mother did not have these bronzed & they will ALWAYS be my first

Check out my FAVORITE Broads in the background at my Mom's wedding, wow she was a baby! I miss my Grandmother :*-(

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